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 To put the recent sales in perspective, ignoring exchange rate changes since 9/30:
Total assets at 9/30 were 2.1 billion at fair value. The tower sold for 762 million which is 36.3% of 2.1 billion. They netted 360 million. So, before today's announcement, gross assets at fmv were 1.698 billion (2.100-.762+.360). Today's press release announced aggregate sales price of 84 million which is 4.95% of 1.698 billion. 
Total stockholders' equity at fmv at 9/30 was 1.044 billion. 360 of that became cash on the tower closing, 34.5% of equity. Net proceeds from today's announcement of 49 million is about 4.7% of 1.044.
So, today's announced sales are less than 5% of today's assets and equity. By itself, not a big deal.
The big deal is a 27% premium to the 9/30 appraisal AND that NRE has not stopped selling its junk properties while it explores strategic alternatives. No question: today was good news regardless of the endgame.

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