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Re: Outlook 2020-21 to infinity

You need to go back to around 2006 or so and come forward to today. That will give you the background of this industries business cycle and the consequences for the industry and the investors in it. So this entire industry is not a buy and hold candidate.
But you can make a lot of money in a very short period of time. Just do not get complacent because it will not last. Odd thing that the down cycle is mostly (but not all) self inflicted by the managements of these shippers.... which has a history of repeating the same mistakes. Go figure.

So I would advise not putting very much into these stocks.... buy the best of the group that suits your portfolio and personal pain level. But seek better stocks in other industries before you speculate in Nat. gas or crude oil. Yeah I know... you can make a bunch of money in a short time ... I have done it so I know it is true... just beware of the number of contracts being written for new ships. If you cannot afford to lose the money then stay away.
Caveat Emptor

why not check out the revival of the old INCOME INVESTING Board.? Might find it interesting and useful.


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