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Things May Finally Coming Together

1) Narso moving toward approval
2) Some indication on the call that pricing could be quite strong as ultra orphan status emphasized and Solaris used as a pricing reference.
3) Liquidity issues are fading - firmed stock price, sufficient cash near-term, Omidria reimbursement in place, ATM in place, Nopain act passage a real potential, providing 5 years of reimbursement visibility.
4) Narso for TMA intro Q3 21
5) IgA trial lining up for report out for very large market next year, with best early data relative to known competitive offerings
6) Covid Narso potential a wild card but based on consistent small data set, excellent data in other endothelial damage conditions, and very clean safety profile, its looks very possible to provide benefit, and maybe real meaningful benefit. Only compliment candidate in the I-SPY trials indicates unique position. Discussions for capacity build out capital continue with Administration, Europeans, and international organizations. Time will tell.
7) 906 data next quarter - and based on profile, success could be characterized as likely.
8) Trends in research world (endothelial damage syndrome, chronic kidney disease, linked directly to Lectin pathway) moving in favor of their compliment franchise

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