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    As promised, anyone interested can click this link to view the survey results and read some of our initial takeaways from the data collected. Thanks again to all who participated! 

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The actual Aurelius complete report

Here's a couple of excerpts, but read the whole thing.
BTW, I'm sorry about misspelling "prophetic".
"EUM’s Purported $900 Million Backlog Appears Significantly Exaggerated or Fictitious.


The foundation of the Pareteum growth story is built on the company’s supposedly large and fast-growing 36-month backlog, which management now says exceeds $900 million. But our investigation identified a variety of purportedly valuable customers that appear wholly incapable of paying TEUM anywhere near the large contractual values that TEUM has touted.  Examples include:
  • A nearly-worthless penny-stock managed by a former AudioEye executive named alongside TEUM’s CFO in the fraud suit.
  • African entities that show no signs of meaningful business activity.
  • Contracts with crypto-companies including one that recently settled with the SEC and “agreed to return funds to harmed investors”.
  • Closed or dissolved businesses.
  • Websites that are inactive or offer limited contact information.
  • Businesses that don’t answer the phones or report having minimal employees.
  • European entities with tiny amounts of capital or revenue.
  • Featured customers located in apartment buildings.
  • Millions in loans to an entity bleeding cash.
  • A purported $50 million contract with an entity in Thailand that reports having zero 2018 revenue, years of losses, and involvement with a crypto-coin that has lost 97% of its peak value.
The accounting fraud that TEUM’s CFO allegedly perpetrated at AudioEye involved the booking of phantom revenues to artificially inflate the stock price. Bulls have taken comfort in management’s assurances that TEUM’s backlog has converted to revenue at over 100% of contractual rates thus far. But we find TEUM’s backlog conversion rate highly problematic considering that our research has flagged so many small or defunct customers. If exaggerated contractual values are now being recognized as revenue, then we believe TEUM will face serious accounting problems. 
This report started the share price slide, and was the cause of TEUM's decision to decide to restate.

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