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Just coloring outside the lines....

  TEUM does have increasing revenues every year---they just have not shown the ability to make a PROFIT. Amazon took a very long time to become profitable, and look at them now. Hmmmm.
High Trail is receiving over 600K shares at the first of every month just for interest payments. The constant losses coupled with ever increasing dilution will continue to drive the stock down---making their monthly share conversions increase. Keep that going and they will soon have enough to control the board/Company, and the $17M principal owed is till intact. At some point they can convert that principal and own a majority of the Company. At a share price of pennies they can buy out all the shares, then straighten the Company out and start to eventually make a profit. Then, voila', unload the Company for a monstrous gain.
My own personal "deja vu all over again" experience:
TEUM reminds me of a public company I once worked for as a VP of Marketing and Sales. We manufactured automatic test equipment. We had decent revenues, but could not seem to make a profit (CEO/BOD made sure they got great compensation  / bonuses / share grants), so every once in a while the Company sold more stock to make up the difference. It was caught in a death spiral.
Then, someone got the bright idea to acquire some of the many companies in that market niche, that were near bankruptcy (nonstop losses), for our shares, and instantly become a much larger company with much larger sales. I quit the Company (with them owing me $30K). The Company closed it's doors and filed for bankruptcy within one year.

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