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Re: Screening

I think the match rate has been pretty decent, but they spent $15m in 2021 to find those patients and have stopped screening others because of how expensive it was.  Who cares about expanding the library and hunTR with so slow enrollment.
They reduced their MDA leased space 82% from 18,111 to 3,228 sf.  POC didn't work in 2018, so it was outsourced.  Soon after the late 2019 MDA agreement committing $20m, BLCM sold it's 60k sf lab to MDA for $15m and a service agreement to make their Car-T.  That lab could easily accommodate ZIOP TCR on a contract basis. Instead, MDA pawns off a dumpy office park that Lonza left.  Pandemic arrives and the answer is to increase headcount 45% and remodel a bunch of offices next to an old railway.
No vote on share increase leads Cooper to hire KBI who has no expertise.  What is the real reason on the lack of progress?  Does BOB believe that the technology was ready 3 years ago, but finding a clean room was this difficult and that the El Rio buildout was designed for 1 patient per month.  Every major business decision by Cooper seems have been wrong.  They seem headed towards hiring Lonza or WuXi.
Wasn't Boyle the guy who was going to be open with shareholders.   Instead, they wait until the last possible date to release earnings and won't state whether a second patient has been treated. 
Not renewing the CRADA seems to have led to Rosenberg showing some goodwill.  No fees in 2022 and $1m annually starting 2023.   Need to dig into the distinction between Neo-Antigen (Neo-Ag) TCR and TCRT TCR.   I'm actually surprised Rosenberg hasn't treated a SB patient by now.  SBTCR  A recent NCI patient was told their treatment would take 2-4 months to make.  But that's selected TIL vs somebody who has A3 G12V.
No surprise that Vineti was ditched.  Not hard to keep track of patients when you don't treat many. 

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