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Msg  114165 of 114305  at  7/4/2020 7:45:34 AM  by


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Re: Little Miss FOS mabel

 You dumb phool, you apparently have no sources because that second trial not only didn’t completely fill but showed no efficacy just like the other numerous trials that showed hydroxychloroquine had zero benefit on the seriously sick.  Its humorous that you morons stuck to your guns that hydroxychloroquine worked as a prophylactic after studies came out stating it had no treatment benefit But now that a double blind placebo study came out showing its provides no benefit as a prophylactic, you are back to it works as a treatment.
i do have to thank this website because up until 3 years ago, i didnt believe the people in the US were as dumb as many have stated.  Thanks to idiots like yourself, Phil, and nobrain and so many others that ignore facts and the truth, i have changed my opinion.  

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