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Bottom feeder I never referred to Kite and pharmion- celgene -flamel -spy etf -and Wen absolutely dwarf my Idra basis and ziop.

All those winners multi multi multi baggers and publicly recommended.(except Pharmionbought by celgene prior to me joining)
NEVER put as sure things but strongly recommended for DD and purchase.

Folks can assess without you pointing the way.

You show little character or integrity,are a proven by your own words liar too out of control to even stick to your story about having me on ignore and keep replying to my posts.


And No clue why you compose posts like you just did.

You initiated contact with me via PM and I was nothing but cordial with you in PMs and publicly and shared whatever thoughts I had.

you went on the attack when you lost money..
Idra doubled twice after I reccommended it and AFTER YOU kept PMing me BTW but you leave that out and I never urged you not to take profit.

NOT what I do.

They dont all work but anyone whos experienced the winners knows the reward dwarfs the risk of failure and you must be in them to win them.

Well see on the outcome here.


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