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Re: New Comers...........Check out the ziop-xon fundamental board..from Upelan

 After multiple messages about the superiority of the BullCrapOnly Board and multiple attempts to pull newcomers there,  today upelan post over there referring to the BOB -"this board should be renamed Hot Air & Buffoonery".
I thought that board has a monitor. Why has he allowed it to deteriorate? Perhaps he has lost interest. Heres why....  That board was set up to focus ONLY on ZIOP-PGEN(XON) fundamentals and technical. So where is the king pumepr charlatan and why isnt he doing his job? 
First he no longer owns XON/PGEN - sold his 75k shares at huge loss plus had leaps n options expire worthless. PGEN is rarely discussd on the board.
Second, almost no ZIOP commentary over there at all.
Third , The Wizard of Coz recently divulged that BSGM is now 90% of his Roth IRA. For  those following along, recall XON-ZIOP was his Roth IRA. Both the "best investment opportunities he had seen in all his years investing" After his XON sale then "new ziop" was his biggest position. The "smartest investors" he knew were buying. His rich CELG buyers were piling in and moving to their Roth IRAs also.
Question for RC- IF BSGM is now 90% of your Roth IRA, when did you sell ZIOP and at what prices? You cant now have BSGM at 90% without making room and selling something.
Very obviously BSGM  is the new pump. He mentions it  more on HIS ZIOP_PGEN board than either ZIOP  or PGEN. Clearly he no longer has interest in monitoring that board as it is full of politics, macro, and now a stock picking contest.
Folks might consider what impact this horrible virus is having on clinical trials at NIH/NCI and at all hospitals around the country (globe). What timelines will be impacted? Dr Rosenberg is 79 yrs old. One can imagine the pressure he is under from loved ones to retire and stay out of cramped and tight laboratory settings. 
Lucky or smart ZIOP has some cash to weather this storm but for how long?  I hope they use it wisely. They doubled their headcount and payroll recently. 
maybe Rob can call his buddies Cooper and mauney and ask them how things are in China, MDA and NCI????? 

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