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Msg  113323 of 114222  at  4/1/2020 8:20:44 AM  by



I've been long quite awhile, and went back and forth with some folks at the end of last week.  I like to consider myself open minded, so I just wanted to follow up briefly.
Hard to argue that the COVID-19 announcements are deeply concerning.  A company that's busy getting ready for a robust commercial launch of a noise-filtering technology does not just happen to dip their toe in the anti-viral drug market out of the blue.  It defies any reasonable logic.  It's either a lack of focused leadership, or a necessary reality because no hospital system is focused on spending money on non-essential equipment in the face of this outbreak.
It's also disturbing to me that Rob won't address FNG's linkage with Laidlaw.  They are not the type of firm I'd be thrilled to do business with, let alone give a board seat to.  Shame on my for not seeing that linkage until they started issuing absurd short term price targets after the anti-viral garbage news.
It's safe to say that my confidence in this investment has never been lower, and I will be acting accordingly. 

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