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Re: “Sanders key role in pushing markets lower”

Sanders killing the market is bullcrap. Now, I realize that Bernie getting the nomination may shake the market, right now the virus is a big deal -- I do see our savant idiot President is also pointing to the Democrats for the fall in the market -- his gift is carnival barking. In my judgment, our President concerned about the market affecting his re-election, darn that coronavirus.

Dow futures down 300 right now. Not pretty.

I'm sitting on ZIOP, but have sold elsewhere adding to cash. Coronavirus news is going to get more negative before it gets better. Today appeared to me to be the worst news day so far on it, with new cases in the US and in new spots in the world. I've done a bit of reading, difficult to tell how bad the virus is and how easily it can spread -- most of the data so far is China. 2% death rate is not that high (unless one is on that end of things), thus far it looks to me like it still has pandemic potential, and I think that is the opinion of the professionals on it. Too, I've not seen anything firm on duration of illness nor on duration of contagious state.

Nothing on it yet to inspire any significant buying in the market. Hopefully my pessimism is short-lived.

good luck,


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