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Re: Question for Vorlon

Iím no longer a fan of either companies tech...thatís just me.

Viral vs non biotechs are indentifying and loading multiple antigens on their platform...I await to see if excess antigen loading by viral vectors causes that platform to become different enough to become a target for the immune system to attack. Hijacking a cancer cell to produce more of the cure might result in the immune system targeting the cure cells as foreign. Does the viral vectors initiate reverse transcription and alter the DNA to then cause RNA transcription of a different type of protein resulting in yet a different peptide for the MHC for the APC/DCís to surveil? I await to see.

TCR antigen loading is dependent on identifying every cancer specific antigen. Which may not be possible. What is possible is identifying most of the cancer antigens...which the TCR therapy would then result in tumor reduction to the point of an observable complete response...but only for months....maybe a year....until untargeted mutated cells have a chance to multiply and result in progression...possible lethal. The key is identifying the cancer specific antigens on the most hypoxic mutated cells deep in the core or the tumor.

Which is why Iím still a fan of the tech of an underfunded and low price stock of PVCT. Their drug candidate, PV-10, targets and kills only cancer cells due to the acidic nature of hypoxic solid tumors. It then releases all cancer antigens by tumor ablation necrosis.. from there add both types of checkpoint inhibitors to deal with both anti autoimmune systems....CTLA4 and PDL1. Currently this approach is being done in their triple combo expansion cohort of uveal mets to the liver...the coldest and most lethal of all cancer indications. If they fix this indication...they should be able to fix all other solid tumors with this approach. I await for this cohort data not yet mature...but maybe itís working because the company stated already they plan to move to registration trial once this cohort data is mature....they are seeing the trend.

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