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Re: Car-T, TIL news

True...but the kicker is whether or not the TILs are reacting to all the cancer antigens in the tumor. His approach is sound but may be incomplete. In solid tumors the level of mutations due to hypoxia is not necessarily the same. Itís why solid tumors have more than one mutation. Deeper in the tumor the greater the hypoxia and thus the different mutations to deal with cell self survival in dealing with that different lack of oxygen levels.

PVCT has a patent on a further approach but not yet a clinical study. In their patent they kill off the whole tumor by PV-10 ablation ...,releasing all cancer antigens and then sample the TILís to be cloned ex vivo before re-injecting as a type of vaccine. This will become a future trial. The logic is sound. In order to have been awarded that patent they would have had to show efficacy in a preclinical canít get a patent now on just an have to show proof of the concept.

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