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Re: Phase II at NCI now open for enrollment. /AmTunes

Not even sure what you trying to argue = likely pointless

1) TIL May help for melanoma but not enough for other Cancers - Epithelial type and you need a ton of them
2) Dr Rosenberg saying not scalable - kinda simplistic so what about patents?
3) I don’t think TIL on it’s own is enough - is why they jump to Engineered TCRs to target NeoAntigens or else wouldn’t Dr. Rosenberg be fighting to do more with Iovance???? - and then why did Iovance do that recent deal with Genocea? They are using them to target NeoAntigens for a Vaccine- poor choice by them - market sure did not reward Genocea very much on that deal - it is still cheaper than dirt
4) I don’t know why you hang around if hate the company so much. - must be mentally ill?
5) Another thing you abbie’s don’t realize that much room for many treatments and where one may not work another may depending on the cancer type, etc

re-watching video, saw the part of SR arguing with that those guys (one was promoting FATE's NK cells & really no proof it works well on solid tumors - SR highly skeptical) & then the other guy - seems like SR is highly positive on the TCR potential with "mutated antigens" (avoid normal non-mutated ones) to target NeoAntigens, and needs tons of T cells with a valuable tool like SBTS to get it done.

More good Rosenberg stuff - both CD4 & CD8+ T cells 50/50 of, in Epithelial Cancers & known fact that Sleeping Beauty TCR t cells work on both

If you watch - he said, "this patient only received a very tiny amount of Tumor reactive cells" for the breast cancer patients where only a small amount was cured or showed great progress.....said, "working on unique sequencing & using TCR's new processes" or similar the 5:30 mark - remember how Dr. Cooper said, "will need tons of T cells" & Viral can't do that>>>>> $$$$$$$

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