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The following message was updated on 3/15/2019 7:25:13 PM.

Short TOOL with the exact same short narrative post on the XON board ALSO. Nailed the absolute bottom

3 iterations of the same short narrative.

MUTE as the stock more than doubles and shorts silent basically on stocktwits also.

As the stock more than doubles.

Ex institutional desk head who repeats FALSE stocktwits short talking points onto this board ?

THAT’s where he goes for ideas?

CANT determine they are shorts?

CANT determine the incorrectness?

A $3 bill has more validity.

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In response to msg 30567 by potomac_pier view thread
Re: Makes ZIOP look castrated and MRKgA eager to give it away.
From the ZIOP Board

Re: where are the copy n pasted quotes reminding us not to get shaken out- this is the "new ZIOP"
<<<<…” Will the shaman king pumper ever admit to being wrong?”…>>>

You nailed it!
Kirk took what he wanted and now he/Helen/Precigen have a filed an accepted IND for 2 day POC for faster cheaper therapy. Wasn’t this the war cry from king pumper...faster at 1/10th the cost? The long awaited IL-12 partnership is not happening. ZIOPs 2 day POC held to at least yr end 2019.
Dr Cooper was hired 4 years ago with a big fat contract and much fanfare that he came from MDA ( top cancer hospital in the country) and would certainly work closely with MDA and former MDA colleagues to advance ZIOP therapies in clinic. 4 yrs later ZIOP /Cooper have accumulated a $30mill credit because for the last 2 yrs NOTHING has been accomplished at MDA. Kirk had a front row seat to it all.

Today’s Precigen call had Kirks finger prints all over it. Helen was very clear to articulate all the IP/ therapies Precigen/XON own. And very clear what ZIOP does not own. SB and Rheo remain XON but for extremely narrow licensing. And Precigen is moving faster and closer to clinic than ZIOP. The first 15 minutes of the call was Kirk through Helen giving a big FU to Barton- RC.
Kirk is selling ZIOP because he knows what ZIOP has and doesn’t have. He knows which big pharma ZIOP approached and why they passed. The king pumper fantasy that Kirk registered his 9mill shares to sell in anticipation of a partnership agreement and subsequent big move higher with volume has been debunked. Even the shaman charlatan is now acknowledging Kirk is selling sub $2. Thank you Mr Barton and thank you RC for pressing Kirk and forcing his hand. Kirk is getting even.
It won’t be long before these guys will threaten another litigation because Kirk tore up the cvt preferred in exchange for all the IP/ therapies he wanted and left ZIOP crumbs. THANKS to these guys Kirk fleeced ZIOP shareholders with no faitnesss letter no independent audit and no shareholder approval.

No more pumping about IL-12 rGBM going Ph3- no more pumping about 2day POC - not hearing much about cash up front partners. All that is left to pump is the TCR at NCI/ CRADA IND filing which will likely AGAIN miss a timeline. King pumper expects it soon and then thinks “Rosenberg will talk about it”. Because even if the IND is filed soon the trial won’t start for months and data likely not available until yr end 2019. It appears that the catalyst for ZIOP is hope that Dr Rosenberg talks it up. Ugh

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