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Msg  466243 of 548903  at  6/7/2011 4:10:50 PM  by


Today's TOP TEN....

The category today, "TOP TEN WAYS I Plan on Celebrating ELN Finally Hitting $10 Again".....

10. Goodbye Top Ramen, hello Campbell’s Chunky chicken noodle.

9. Enjoy a few texts with that cute Congressman with the “nice package.”

8. Enjoy a few texts with that cute management-bashing patent attorney with the “nice package.”

7. Going to Disneyland! Will hang out with the usual cast of Disney characters - Mickey, Donald, Jim Mullen…

6. Enroll in some cool US history classes taught by Professor Palin.

5.Plan the long-awaited “Elan $10” party in Las V….I mean, in La Puerta, Texas.

4. Can finally tell that slave-driving Tecumseh to take his 3-cent per post boiler room job and stick it.

3. Can now choose which Kardashian sister to date.

2. Can now choose which Youkei alias to date.

And the Number One Way I plan on celebrating ELN hitting $10 earlier today....

1. In the name of prudency and diversification, consider taking a few shares off the table….HA HA HA, no seriously, need to figure out how many more shares to buy.

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