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stock bashers facing litigation (FWIW) from another board (entirely)

Stock bashers facing litigation from LIGATT Security International, a cyber security company..........
I found this interesting story on DNDN message board:

stock bashers facing litigation

ATLANTA, July 12, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LIGATT Security International (Pink Sheets:LGTT - News), a cyber security company, today announced that the company has filed a civil and criminal complaint against IT consultants Chris Riley and Ben Rothke as well as former Cyber Group Network employees, Randolph Morris, Nisha Kappor and others for alleged stock bashing.

According to LIGATT, the alleged stock bashers do not own any stock within the company and bash LIGATT Security on investor websites in order to manipulate the company's stock for their own personal reasons. One alleged basher has posted over 500 posts within the last 6 months on investor sites such as Investors Hub,, and many more.

"These bashers think because they use different usernames and setup accounts with false information they can't be tracked, but this is what LIGATT Security does every day," says Gregory Evans, CEO of LIGATT Security International.

Evans explains that he hopes to set a trend by starting these investigations. "Once we begin suing bashers, other OTC companies will follow. 99% of these people who are bashing the company's stock have never ran a business, or know anything about business. They think that they can spread lies about a company with no repercussions, and that will not happen with LIGATT," says Evans.

LIGATT Security has recently uncovered a handful of the alleged stock bashers that have been involved. Some of these bloggers include: Chris John Riley, Ben Rothke, and Randolph Morris. On, there have been a number of alleged stock bashers on the message board posting ruthless comments about LIGATT Security. Some of the people include: 20plus, Maui Dave, and Shooterkc.

The 5,000,000 (five million) dollar lawsuits were filed in Gwinnett County, Georgia. They consist of a number of charges including stock manipulation and slander. The alleged offenders have already been reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as the SEC. LIGATT has six law firms on retainer at all times. These law firms will monitor the company's stock boards and respond to alleged bashers immediately when necessary. LIGATT Security has also consulted with overseas law firms to handle the alleged bashers in the foreign countries.

"This lawsuit is just the first of at least two more coming against some of the names mentioned above and a few more," says Evans.

The defendants are as follow: John Doe 1 A/K/A BRENTSKI98503, John Doe 2 A/K/A DOUBLEDOWN22, John Doe 3 A/K/A U_BEEN_EXPOSED, John Doe 4 A/K/A E_COMMA_KID, John Doe 5 A/K/A PENNYCHECKER, John Doe 6 A/K/A MARINE-1, John Doe 7 A/K/A SHAWNF, John Doe 8 A/K/A DHDOLPHNS, John Doe 9 A/K/A MAUI, John Doe 10 A/K/A BOOGERS, John Doe 11 A/K/A 20PLUS, John Doe 12 A/K/A NAUGHTY GIRL, John Doe 13 A/K/A @-@, John Doe 14 A/K/A RTCLAUS, John Doe 15 A/K/A CREATIVE IDEA FACTORY, John Doe 16 A/K/A RANDOLPH MORRIS, John Doe 17 A/K/A CHRIS JOHN RILEY, John Doe 18 A/K/A BEN ROTHKE, John Doe 19 A/K/A 3_COM_KID, John Doe 20 A/K/A CRABBYOLBASTARD, John Doe 21, John Doe 22, John Doe 23, John Doe 24, John Doe 25, and GREY MCKENZIE.

"We are sure that once this total investigation is over we will find that not only were these people bashers, but they were also day traders and market makers. We are prepared to go after them due to the fact that they took part in manipulating the stock," says Evans.

A video blog will be available today discussing the lawsuit in more detail. To access the video blog detailing the lawsuits, visit

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