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Re: Who was that ? :o))

Great answer ! Must have been some IV reader /poster

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Am 20. Juli 2010 um 14:04 Uhr

Public funding makes sense for diseases that threaten general public health. The rate of PML, and the mortality rate for Tysabri patients, is very low and should barely move the needle with respect to risk benefit decisions made for patients with active MS: 12 deaths in a patient population of over 70,000 for a disease that puts people in a wheelchair within an average of 15 years, is acceptable. Putting those 12 deaths in perspective: perhaps as many as 500 deaths per year from MS are avoided by patients because they are taking Tysabri instead of one of the other meds (uniformly ineffective.)

So, for Tysabri patients PML is only a huge issue if you or your loved one is one of the few who experience it. But, other patient populations experience PML to a much larger degree and with nearly 100% fatal results (as opposed to 20% for Tysabri patients.) AIDS patients, transplant patients, and other groups who have severely suppressed immune systems are at real risk of dying from PML at a far higher rate.

On the whole, if Biogen finds an effective treatment for PML then it will benefit society and other commercial entities to a far greater extent than it will benefit Biogen_
Alexander Otto in his blog criticizes the fact that BIIB receives
933 070.- for PML-research in Bochum (Prof. Gold) from the German
Afterall, BIIB "made a profit of 970.1 million U.S. dollars
in 2009 " ... and of course there is no profit sharing with the German
tax payer, in case the research project is successful.

"rdo" comments that it is not only going to benefit BIIB`s Tysabri
but all the other companies, they can then market their products without risk.
The sooner this assay is out the better of course, says rdo - but why is this
being promoted by the Government ...

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