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Msg  9689 of 12257  at  12/22/2006 9:17:42 AM  by


Questions for KW, why UC would have to jump the planet, and the birth of the Sacred White Buffalo -- more from H20 . . .

By: hundredtoone9993 
22 Dec 2006, 02:19 AM EST
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I just find it hard to believe that with an O/S of 703 BILL and 635 BILL already pulled...the INTERPLEADER and all this work and time is to get CERTS for the remaining 68 Billion shares in order to split 50 MILLION ENT shares up to those 703 BILLION...if that turns out to be true...they can expect TROUBLE FOREVER IMO...and Moran will have to change his name...HA HA HA...UC will have to leave the planet and KW will need to hide on a desert island IMO...I still believe the INTERPLEADER COULD be between the COMPANY and the SHAREHOLDERS for the ASSETS recieved from the NSS...if that is the case there may be a GOOD REASON for the DELAY by the company...there could be a LOT of INTEREST accumulating on that money...if KW calls me back the FIRST QUESTION I am asking is WHO are the parties involved in the interpleader and second question will be WAS THERE A HUGE NS in CMKX like Frizzell said in the update of around 2 TRILLION SHARES...and if so is there a PENALTY or WAS THERE a penalty paid on those shares and the CERTS we recieved...and if any of you longs talk to him be sure and ask those questions please...Flying Moose(raging bull)
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By: hundredtoone9993 
22 Dec 2006, 02:31 AM EST
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Ask KW these questions if anyone gets a chance...

1. WHY with 635 BILLION SHARES do we not have a VOTING MAJORITY(are there preferred shares with super voting rights?)

2. WHO are the parties involved in the interpleader and exactly what is its purpose?

3. Is there a HUGE NS of near 2 trillion shares like Frizzell said in his update?

4. Is the 50 million Ent shares divided into the entire O/S the ONLY ASSET and why is that worth ANYTHING to us as shareholders?

5. Do we stand a good chance of getting even our initial investment back in our life time?

Those would be good ones for starters IMO...out of all who have talked to KW I have yet to see any REAL INFO come to light...Flying Moose(raging bull)
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By: scruffy_too 
22 Dec 2006, 02:48 AM EST
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100, if Kevin answers any of these, my question would be - "Why not tell us this in a PR"? I doubt it will come to that though.
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By: hundredtoone9993 
22 Dec 2006, 02:33 AM EST
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I see NS and BASHERS written ALL OVER IT...and that is why I wonder about the MONEY that I am SURE would have to have been collected already from SHORTY...and where it is...Flying Moose(raging bull)
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By: hundredtoone9993 
21 Dec 2006, 09:05 PM EST
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Native Americans believe that the birth of a Sacred White Buffalo heralds in a time of hope and renewal for humanity. A white buffalo calf was born in Arizona on June 4, 2006

http://curezone. com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=124

...Flying Moose(raging bull)
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