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54766 Will moisty’s BIG EGO allow him to ADMIT he was WRONG TO ACCUSE AND INSULT not knowing what my phone is showing here on IV...I want an apology ignoring GN hillerby 0 9/28/2020 6:19:58 PM
54765 moisty’s ABUSE saying..>>>”Do you always babble without paying attention for actual info?”...Here’s a link to a SCREENSHOT OF the IV my iPhone8 shows...APOLOGIZE moisty for your abusive insulting lie...I’m waiting...NO’re on record now!!! GN hillerby 0 9/28/2020 6:04:14 PM
54764 moisty says and I quote...“ABUSE disrupts what could be a better discussion” but continues his abusive insulting attacks on fellow posters driving them away....HYPOCRITE!!! GN hillerby 0 9/28/2020 5:53:13 PM
54763 moisty complains every day about abuse but FAILS to complain about his own abuse...QUOTING moisty’s ABUSE!!!...”Do you always BABBLE WITHOUT PAYING ATTENTION for actual info?” HYPOCRITE!!! GN hillerby 0 9/28/2020 5:44:19 PM
54762 Re: When does IV fix their website??? Any indication to readers SOMETHING IS BROKE? / NO!!! Not on my iPhone8’s link to this board... OT hillerby 0 9/28/2020 5:34:03 PM
54761 Re: When does .../ for sir (Sir...don’t let moisty drive you away with his insults, false accusations and abuse) OT hillerby 0 9/28/2020 5:32:48 PM
54760 moisty is insulting and abusing posters here...and won’t listen to those of us who explain it to him asking he desists. Is moisty driving readers away with his insults, abuse and BORING LENGTHY CRITICISMS??? Sure seems like it... GN hillerby 0 9/28/2020 5:27:45 PM
54759 Re: ...recommending ... TA posts ..... OT hillerby 0 9/28/2020 5:07:26 PM
54758 It seems NO ONE AGRRES WITH MOISTY....even his KISSASS buddy co3aii GN hillerby 0 9/28/2020 4:55:21 PM
54757 Re: ...recommending ... TA posts ..... OT hillerby 0 9/28/2020 4:52:00 PM
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