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Thank you. While I see possibilities in Automotive Lidar, I am very skeptical of the bulls IVAS narrative. As an engineer I just feel this will end badly for those buying into it. The decoupling by an OEM was obviously Microsoft. Everyone seems to agree that the waveguide had to be altered in order to get to the latest IVAS iteration. These things are not plug and play. There has been $0 contract revenue, so we are currently in nothing new until that changes. The HL2 was preceded by almost $15 million of contract revenue. It feels that the CEO understood this was a negative at the time.

Sharma said this:

In the case of AR, you have that decoupling, let's say, it's always a slight disadvantage. You can -- we can certainly go off and work with a waveguide partner. What's the probability that, that waveguide partner does or does not get picked by any specific OEM out in the world, right? And so these kind of things will actually create inefficiencies if you start developing technologies to demonstrate, but you cannot show a path to partnerships.

This is from a well respected member of the AR community:

The display and combiner form a system, and both can be optimized to work best together. This is very often overlooked by engineers in many fields, not only optics, they tend to optimize a specific building block independently from others in a system. In a system, the systems efficiency and performance has to be optimized by having each building block work best with each other to yield the best result for the overall system. It is a general rule of thumb in engineering of complex systems.

Dave Allen had this to say about IVAS:

To be clear, the Company has not commented on IVAS one way or the other. It confirmed that it is being used in Hololens2 as that had become public knowledge. The Company's NDA remains in effect with Microsoft which prohibits much more on the topic from being shared at this time.

The sticking point between me and other longs in MVIS seems to be that I no longer believe in IVAS revenue, or a near term buyout.

The "nothing new will come of it" part was my own opinion. I apologize for not clarifying that.

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