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I personally appreciate the skepticism you bring to the discussion. The on-topic points, pro and con, in the exchange are useful, IMHO. I don't favor the personal stuff wherever it comes from....I don't see how that helps the discussion. But "people on Message boards" facilitate discussion and maybe more DD for participants.
I agree that at the end of the day, it is best to focus on the actual available information ("listen to the CEO"). IMO.  
When listening to the CEO, what did you hear him say about the "decoupled from any new waveguide development" situation ?  Just that phrase alone makes it sound like mvis has been "decoupled" from (left out of) future devices and deals. But how did the CEO characterize that situation ? As I recall, he communicated that it was the best position for mvis to be in, not coupled to one waveguide tech/player, but available to work with any (if/when it makes sense.......and keep in mind, the CEO does not have to announce when such development happens).  If we "listen to the CEO", shouldn't we listen to his entire explanation, and (within reason) accept his full explanation, and not just pull a conclusion from part of his comments ? I am not saying we should take everything he says as totally positive, since not all a CEO's comments are actual concrete news, sometimes they are encouraging forward-looking statements (with a disclaimer that they may not come true). But if we "listen to the CEO", it seems unobjective to stress part of the CEO's words, and ignore or deem incorrect the rest of his words.   
You say "The Microsoft contract is in effect, but nothing new will come of it." When did the CEO say that ? When did he describe the current status as "nothing new will come of it" ? He hasn't said more will definitely come of it (maybe NDA, maybe lull while credit used up, maybe it will end.....we don't know), but he also hasn't said nothing new will come from it. If anything, he has left it purposely vague. (Now, as an investor, it is best to work with known/announced info. But If one wants to take the risk of betting based on vague and speculative info, it seems best to consider the entirety of such info. No ?)   
I don't disagree that it might take time for substantial revenue to come from new contracts, potentially LiDAR and potentially AR. The PPS may reflect that (and apparently already does). 

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