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Re: PPS-B7

You are not "supposed" to do anything, who even thinks that way.
Buying and selling prices are either good or bad in retrospect. You are not attacked because of who bought what and when rather because you purposefully posted what a reasonably savvy investor would check and know is wrong. Doing so makes you a FUDster or, if you prefer,  disingenuous. Surely you knew better but then you persisted.
You are a jerk not because you question a deal, you tried to deny the "past" post but now acknowledge it, what may have been a misunderstanding due to language syntax. But you are a jerk, FUDster,  for implying Dave Allen is lying. Keep in mind the  MSFT contract comprehends both IVAS and Hololens, its basically the same NED. Early on when Guttag pointed out what seemed to be  diffraction issues in the HL2 and said it was the MEMS. I and others said it was most likely wave guide problems not MEMS. You really ought to read the Reddit MB where this was discussed at length by people in optics related fields and learn.
As far as your sarcastic  $30 PPS post is concerned, not until they have a contract for Lidar, auto companies have long lead times, or they sell all or part of MVIS, or there is another massive short squeeze will we see the $20s. Also as Sharma pointed out MVIS is in the Russell and affected by it, look at how its been doing.
Some investors here averaged down their PPS and compensated for initial buys. Some when the PPS was low moved shares out of their Traditional IRAs into their Roth IRAs and paid taxes on shares that were at a loss. All this info was posted here to take or ignore. Those that took that suggestion and moved low priced MVIS shares into their Roths, info I had been given by my USAA Wealth Advisor and shared, had tax free gains if they sold  shares recently, which I did. Risk has  its reward and for you to begrudge that is juvenile.
Good luck and separate you emotions from investing. Go on Reddit and learn more about your company.

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