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Re: LWLG Sold Some

Congratulations on your retirement. Been retired for a while now. Had the same thing happen to AMLN years ago and put a good portion of it in money funds while using  part to invest. Have plenty of cash in the Roth earning interest,,
Its really funny that someone such as Hillerby who supposedly knows as much about MVIS as anyone, spent all his tine trashing MVIS and  missed out on one of the greatest runs an investor will ever experience. His is a loser's karma, that is what he gets for draft dodging.
Not only has MVIS done extremely well so has CORT, got blasted for that one by morons here when it was about half of what it is now,  and CDMO. I bought HDSN and CRIS when "smart investors" bailed as they did on MVIS. My portfolio is like yours so I had to see my estate attorney.  She seems to make a living off of me as we update when the inheritance laws change and the amounts grow.
I thought that we would see  buying late this afternoon to offset option related selling  but it did not materialize. Hopefully on Monday. Glad the shorts did not succeed in pushing the PPS into the $16s, came close @ $17.05.
P,S. White listened to me about INO and made some nice change. 

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