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Strong Buy

Re: Seeking Alpha Article

So what? As someone who never  posts anything original you mostly comment on other's posts, that is funny. Those authors might not meet your standards but until I see an SA article from you laying out a balanced case pro and/or con.............
That ass who wrote that article advocating shorting MVIS buried people in losses. 
I have no idea what Lidar, ID, NED, and Display are really worth nor does anyone else know. If you are a short they are worth nothing, and the PPS is way too high. If on the other hand, for example, MVIS's Lidar and NED become one of the standards, of if not the standard a major player MVIS is way undervalued.Add to that Display for 5G streaming and you have the basics to make assumptions regarding possible big or no revenues. ( I drove the new Lexus into the garage and got too close to the wall for the car's sake, not mone. It put on the brakes about a foot from where I usually stop. No idea as to what they are using to sense the wall, but Lidar could be used.)
What I do know is you sat on the sidelines and missed a golden opportunity to buy shares for a pittance. The carry loss forward alone was worth the pennies being asked.

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