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Strong Buy

Re: From Reddit-FOV-mois

The increase in PPS is due to two things, the MSFT IVAS contract and the LIDAR valuation. Until we had comparable companies there was no benchmark. Personally I think 5G and more and more streaming will provide a new market for embedded Display. 
white is a trader and I believe he is cynical by nature, we PM'd over on the INO MB. He was a gentleman, congratulated me on making his some money, we both sold INO about the same time in the $20s. I have since bought more shares and rebuilt my position..... If Hillerby had bought all along he would be wealthier than he is. Knowing a company does not make you a good or bad investor....... Frankendouche owns a competing company and was here spouting off that an IVAS contract would never be signed nor Congressional funding allocated, he was dead wrong and a Fudster.
Anyone in the Army will tell you that IVAS is in the nature of a miracle.
IMHO one follows a company to buy or sell short. Other than that this MB is a chat room, which it is for you in many respects. You could have had 2000 shares for the price of a dinner for two, any  failure to buy then meant for you that MVIS going under, which it was not.
Paralysis by my standards, if not yours. 
Thanks, about the car. 

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