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Re: ...recommending ... TA posts .....

"Or a poster could post under two identities and have you on ignore under only one of them. That poster could show you on his ignore list yet see all your posts under his other identity."

IF a poster is doing that, using multiple identities, then is he or she not in violation of the IV user agreement terms of services?

Members may maintain only one active membership with the Service. By accepting this User Agreement, you warrant that you have no other membership with the Service. When you register with our service, you agree to provide accurate information about yourself and to update your personal registration information as needed. If you provide false or otherwise deceptive registration information, Investor Village has the right to suspend or terminate your account."

We allow you to choose one alias for the life of your account, so choose wisely. This account will serve as your Investor Village identity. Messages you post will be identified as authored by this name. Even if you choose not to fill out a Member Profile, your alias will appear in our Member Directory. We reserve the right to disqualify any alias for any reason, including impersonation of a celebrity, financial personality, or executive/director of a publicly-traded company, as well as vulgar/profane names and their phonetic equivalents."



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