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Re: I must be clairvoyant / RECs

Moissanite posted this :

"I wouldn't suggest a reader trust the RECs here, because of low participation and even lower use of REC (plus many use REC as AGRee, which doesn't help, because many are one-sided in mvis viewpoint...........to be effective, RECs must be given objectively based on relevance, not subjectively based on bias about mvis)."

Very confusing Moissanite, the difference that you are claiming to be between "REC" and "AGRee".

Let's take your most recent REC and disect it, shall we?

In the post below, which you gave a REC to, what part of this do you REC and not agree with or disagree with? Which parts of this are not one sided and which parts of this are not abusive (calling those with a different viewpoint "haters" and "confused" for example).

Thanks in advance for the most prompt essay that is expected to surely follow.


"In response to msg 54623 by co3aii Strong Buy
Re: HL2 Waveguide-Reddit post by s2upid

Interesting conversation over on Reddit to sum up: If MSFT was not going to continue using MVIS components then why in the world would they takeover manufacturing and pay MVIS what would have been MVIS's profit on the components? Why is the pre payment still being reduced?

Would MSFT, now doing the manufacturing, still use the MVIS logo or use their own? Is that transfer what is confusing the haters? Probably so."


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