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Re: MVIS .... business can turn otherwise....

Instead of attempting to make him (anyone) look bad, with personal comments like "fairly smart" (instead of just smart), "confused little marks", and "confused", why not praise him for evolving his thinking over the years, to where he now describes things as "Today's 'strategy' = hoping" ?  Credit him for having a better understanding of the situation. (Although, maybe, just maybe, he may have swung to the too pessimistic side, just when mvis might start to deliver meaningful revenues, if not yet sufficient to avoid dilution. We will see if PM delivers, over delivers, or under delivers. But I digress....)  Why not try to have a conversation about his mvis comments (which granted, were on reddit, but he does post here sometimes), instead of criticizing him here ? 
Way before your time here, I was criticized and attacked for being a basher, because I questioned the (IMO at the time) overly optimistic statements of some posters. Tet was posting voluminous blog discussions that were wholly positive and wildly over optimistic (again, IMO at the time).  I asked questions about how he could justify the statements. And he, I believe, put me on IGNORE (along with others who questioned his viewpoint), and probably hasn't removed me (others) even to this day. (So, he does have more room to evolve in his handling of things.) 
But people learn and evolve over time, and tet is much more realistic now (maybe even skeptical, in relative terms), and is less willing to work with loads of unknowns and paint it all as 100 percent wildly positive........and I would very much like to see him open up and engage with all civil posters here on IV. (And I have said that over the years.) He should be credited for evolving, and encouraged to engage with the group here. (Regardless of his viewpoint on mvis, this is a discussion venue, so at least engage civil folks in discussion, if you are here. That is JMHO.) 

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