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Msg  46552 of 50231  at  6/17/2019 2:57:18 PM  by


Re: Nobody reads this board

Just be happy we agree on an aspect for a change !  
I have always said that each of us has to decide what we would report as abuse (what we consider abusive). There.....we agree on another thing.
But ultimately, what IS abuse, is what violates the (spirit of the) IV rules. And in practical terms, it also comes down to what the admins can do, and do, within their resources, to enforce their rules. Since they apparently don't monitor for abuse (resource limits ?), abusive posters can continue here.....and then it comes down to whether people feel the need to use IGNORE (which used properly, kind of comes down to individuals deciding what is too far from civil, for them). 
I did not make anything about a specific identified person......I didn't name name(s).  OK, maybe I noted that one form of abuse, IMHO, is using IV to attack folks on reddit. If you believe that is not uncivil, then we have something to disagree about. 
And here we go agreeing is up to each individual to decide what to report as abuse, and up to the admins to decide whether to enforce and what rules and interpretations to use.  To use your words, it is entirely up to the reader to decide what they consider civil or not, and file abuse reports based on that. And the admins can decide what is civil or not (their venue, their rules), and choose (if they have resources) what to enforce as uncivil.

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46553 Re: Nobody reads this board....these last 4 posts demonstrate one of the reasons imho OneThousandPointsOfWhite 0 6/17/2019 3:13:34 PM

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