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Re: Anybody taking notes

How would that be any higher level of behavior than your so-called "naysayers" taunting the longs over many many years of stock price decline ?  
I am (currently slightly) long, and pro-mvis, and I hope the LONGS will take a more respectful higher route if/when the stock takes off (due to a monster order or whatever). Celebration is understandable, within limits. But taunting of those on the other (at that time, losing) side, would be every bit as disgusting coming from longs, as the taunting of longs has been over many years by the "naysayers". 
The thing is, if you just celebrate in a restrained fashion, that will gain you much more respect for your steadfast belief in mvis, than running around wildly "shoving it down the throats" of other folks.  
I, for one, would like to appeal to the long term longs, to be respectful when the time comes, and NOT taunt the other side. If anything, show empathy, while you had an investment success, for their loss (or loss of opportunity). 
P.S. I am not betting that all folks here will agree with me. If I was betting, I would put my money on at least some making a point of hounding the "naysayers" to no end.  

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