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Re: my mid year review of MVIS

Good synopsis - thanks.

I'm a rookie in comparison to you as I've only owned shares since 2008.

One point I'll touch on is the DGL's. I think many of Microvision's shareholders still have the "Corning SGL Mindset" when they think of the possibilities and timing of the DGL's and their production. Pessimistic and "I'll believe it when I see it" mindset. I can certainly understand that with what happened with the constant Corning delays and eventual termination of their minimal SGL production and persuits.

However, I think people need to be much more optimistic at this point and really think of the difference here. Multiple manufacturers with vast semiconductor experience are in the game and are working towards commercialization of DGL's. Sorra, OSRAM, Nichia, Sumitomo, Rohm etc... We aren't stuck with a one horse show...a lame horse that keeled over like Corning.

Nichia announced last year that they would be in production this Summer. May be delayed a bit due to the earthquake / tsunami but they haven't indicated such.

Soraa just yesterday hired Neal Woods as SVP of Operations. A guy with vast experience at HP from their Imaging and Printing Division. IMO, Eric Kim basically stated by hiring Woods that "we're ready to get going on being a production company and I need a full time expert as my SVP of OPS to move us quickly in that direction and keep us running smoothly. They're at a point where Kim can't run the hole show himself. Yesterday's announcement by Soraa excited the heck out of me.

When these companies start producing volumes should ramp quickly - not that 10k a month crap like Corning. I still think we get an announcement by 4th qtr that one or maybe two of the above companies has started production.

This is a pivol time of change of direction for Microvision. I'm looking forward to seeing headlines like these in the future:

"Microvision signs supply agreement for DGL's with Soraa, Nichia etc"

"Wii, Microsoft, Nintendo introduce Laser Based Gaming Gun based on Microvision's picop technology"

"Pioneer introduces after market HUD for auto market based on Microvision pico p technology"

"Merceded, BMW to embed laser based HUD in 2013 model"

Fill in the blank"______ introduces Tablet with embeded pico laser projecto"

The list could go on and on...and of course the embedded cell phone at some point. In any case, I think the time for optimism and buying is now! I'm looking forward to reaping the rewards and changing my life. IMO, the wait is almost over.


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