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Re: Lots of good news.

You're being too critical. I can see if MNKD was a Pfizer or Merck or Sanofi or any large BP rolling out a new drug but MNKD is a Super Micro Cap to those guys with NO MONEY.

Also it would not have mattered if MNKD advertised on all MAJOR TV Networks 24/7 for 6 months. It would not have made a difference with insurance nor the Government Coverage. MNKD was approved with a SHITTY LABEL and no one was going to make it a Top Tier Drug.

All of your reasons are valid but not reasonable given MNKD's situation. For MNKD to be taking market share (albeit small) and increasing revenues is a miracle. If you haven't noticed MNKD has been in TURNAROUND MODE for the past 2 years since Mike took over and now finally with money in the bank, Debt pushed out for 5 years and the tough toxic covenants are now gone.

Mike has righted the ship and now they can focus on getting Gov't coverage, better insurance coverage and really penetrate the market.

Also we know once the Gov't approves Afrezza for Medicare/Aid it will open the flood gates for ALL Insurance Companies to cover it.

And let's not forget who MNKD's competitors are.....They are trying like hell to kill MNKD and Afrezza. They all know Afrezza is the best Prandial on the market and will try everything in their powers to KILL IT.

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