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Re: Lots of good news.

I agree with everything you stated, but Mike made some terrible decisions trying to crack the market like a BP would with a new drug. The obstacles were obvious and he made numerous critical mistakes along the way.

1.) Contract sales people and then an inadequate full time sales force that wasn't trained properly on titration and other issues.

2.) A terrible marketing campaign with numerous failures like his initial Digital Ad that was kicked back by the FDA and then abandoning this channel for advertising.

3.) The famous Pablo TV commercial that was just a farce and didn't present the real benefits or at least sum of the benefits of Afrezza. The technopsher device was shown for 2 seconds and it never covered fast acting or time in range.

4.) Advertising in MLB, NHL and Indy500 along with him spending another $9 million after everyone new the first airing of Pablo ad bared no fruit.

5.) Massive turnover in sales force and having to fire the head of marketing along with other people that failed miserably.

6.) Not leveraging Dr. Kendall as he should have been out in front of numerous Endos and GP"s with the sales people to spread the word.

7.) Badly missing targets is shared with analysts for Afrezza sales and then having to admit it would take 3-5 years to crack the code.

I could list others including waiting to long for enervation expansion and turnng down UAE deal 2+ years ago. Lastly he should have known going it alone based upon MNKD's financial conditions was a non starter. We still don't have a clear view of the "Go Forward Strategy" for Afrezza and lets hope he has a much better approach or he will eat thru that $75 million in no time.

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