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From YMB:

28 Reasons why my price target is $100+
1. PSS lawsuit worth $1.2 Billion+ potential
2. BARDA funding, other government funding
3.CYNK-001 NK FDA Phase 1/Phase 2 Trial data with Celularity (Sorrento has 25% stake)
4. STI-4398 (COVIDTRAP) FDA Phase 1 clinical trial
5. STI-1499 (COVIGUARD)FDA IND approval
6. COVISHIELD(Therapeutic cocktail in partnership with Mt. Sinai Hospital) FDA IND application
7. Preclinical, peer reviewed data publication on STI-1499 and STI-4398 from UTMB, Dr. Slobodan Paessler (anytime now).
8. I-Cell COVID 19 Vaccine IND approval
9. Sorrento and SmartPharm gene encoded vaccine IND application
10. Sorrento and MabPharma ACE MAB IND approval
11. Phase 1 trial data of CD 38 for Amyloidosis
12. SP-102 phase 3 results
13. CD38 lymphoma IND
14. RTX arthritis news
15. RTX knee pain news
16. RTX cancer pain news
17. RTX ARDS treatment
18. Scilex potential IPO
19. FDA approval of COVI-TRACK
20. Sales begin for COVI-TRACK
21. Several cancer trials with first-in-class DAR-T are coming
22. Abivirtinib phase 2 in Covid begins in August
23. Water soluble CBD partnership
24. Covid T-VIVA-19 Vaccine enters clinic.
25. COVI-TRACE saliva test enters clinic.
26. COVI-TRACE gains approval
27. SOFUSA delivery phase 1b cancer trial
28. Analysts target prices are increasing
Sorrento is increasingly being seen as a leader in Covid, non-opioid pain and cancer technologies. It is a small pharma with a large pharma portfolio. There's a lot of room for partnerships and growing value for a buyout. Big pharmas with emptying portfolios will be attracted by a fistful of potential blockbusters!

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