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Re: #379

damn...you cant even write one sentence that makes sense...lol

serious question...are you retarded?..because that would answer a lot of questions...especially your fixation with me...

I have noticed that you don't post as much on ihub anymore...probably a good thing since most have seemed to tire of your ridiculous assertions...even those who supported you no matter how stupid the post, are now not putting up with your BS...

what happened to "kong on!" and "holding the golden"?...not so popular anymore?...lmao

I tried to school you but you didn't want to hear the truth...oh well...hope you enjoy these low prices...you were warned..dont you wish you had sold at .22 and could buy back twice as many shares with that money?....LIKE I CAN!...lol

heres your homework for the weekend...go back and look at all your ihub posts and then look at the share price...

then go back and look at all my posts and then look at the share price..

you will realize what an idiot you've been and will want to profusely apologize to me...but don't bother...I ALWAYS KNEW what an idiot you are...

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5990 Re: #379 igotthemojo 1 2/22/2020 4:24:20 PM

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