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Re: Reverse Split

  <<And, we do not want a binary event; this is not a biotech, but a first to market innovation. Should be a little "safer" bet than on biotech.>>
    That is very well put. The investment houses will categorize as a biotech, given the gene manipulation and bio compatibility sciences. But there ought to be an "first to market innovation" exception. It is certainly safer than reliance on the FDA approval process.
    Some folks do not want to allow for comparisons to apple, because they have this mental block on the idea that the share price is so far beyond KBLB's that there are no comparisons permitted. It is closed minded. Apple is innovative, and KBLB is innovative. That is a basic comparison example, but it is balked at by some because one stock isn't established and the other is.
   The point that all stocks should not be automatically placed in the doomed column by virtue of going the RS path, is a good point. The fact that it was a bio stock had no bearing. You just have to work out whether you think KBLB is worthy of being placed in the winner or loser column, after a RS. On that it sounds like there is agreement that KBLB will win with a RS.

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