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Re: Reverse Split

Th split is all about finding real investors. Penny stocks only collect groups like us. Not to bash us but we are not movers or shakers. Our best description is folks who leave home an hour before everyone else hoping to beat rush hour and most of the time we find it was Sunday and get to work with a foolish look on our faces.
The 2nd thing about this is access to financial markets. Seeing how Kim waited till he stoked the fire and is now within spitting distance of having product to sell, its prudent and timely. I hate yesterdayís hit, but itís necessary to turn this into a real company. Itís tough to go hat in hand with a 40cent company trying to get taken seriously, just imagine the battle when you a nickel.
This reverse split is different in so many ways from the company that takes a dive and is struggles to stay listed. Kim can reverse split this anyway he wants and I am on board. The reasons mean we are growing up finally.

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