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Re: Milliken buyout of Polartec

"I do not know if KBLB signed over any rights"

to polartec?..what kind of rights could kim possibly want to sign over to some small unknown gone bankrupt 3 times and up for sale to the highest bidder company?...

"including the possibility that KBLB will go private"

yes, that was one of the ways I said kim could screw shareholders..

"At this point no one knows just how attractive KBLB looks to anyone"

they are as unattractive as any company is that has had little in the way of sales, zero profit, little revenue, no mass production, and many missteps..

once they produce tonnage and have a contract with a large, well known partner, they will be attractive as all hell..

"and I don't THINK Milliken is a coincidence."

I don't either...polartec was for sale and Milliken bought them because they make a nice addition to their company...nothing coincidental at all..I suspect they were sold rather cheaply as where near the $200 mil asking price that was thrown around...

we will hear from kim just as soon as he figures where he stands with Milliken because I suspect, as usual, he has no clue...

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