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Re: short volume

"Remember what you learned and every time you said you were gone at .10" a matter of fact I don't remember...because I never said any such thing..what I did say was that I wanted .10 because that was my comfort zone...that's what I needed to be comfortable holding kblb long term...PAY ATTENTION!

"Stocks that go to .10 go to .20. then they go to .30, etc."

yes they sometimes do...they sometimes don't..

"Stocks that last 10 years because folks are still believing in the potential, are usually going to end up winners"

penny stocks? are thousands that die a slow death...

"It actually doesn't have to go 10 years, but that's what you had here. That's extraordinary."

yes it is the fact that it took the ceo 10 years to do something with the holy grail....I figured the company might succeed despite the incompetence of the ceo..

"I know what I am looking at, and I am ready for a repeat of the current shorts covering."

ah yes... the mantra of the unsophisticated penny stock investor...shorts are everywhere...shorts gonna get burned...shorts covering gonna skyrocket the pps...shorts shorts shorts.....lmao

every single penny stock in pennyland claims to have shorts keeping the pps down..thousands upon thousands of them...

there simply aren't enough shorts to even keep that fantasy

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