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Msg  5414 of 6141  at  5/15/2019 9:55:33 AM  by


short volume

Historical Short Volume Data for KBLB
DateCloseHighLowVolumeShort Volume% of Vol Shorted
May 14NANANA11,214,8746,995,42562.38
May 13NANANA17,196,1258,070,23846.93
May 10NANANA9,137,5373,681,34940.29
May 09NANANA4,940,1992,139,93443.32
May 08NANANA10,233,2134,901,54347.90
May 07NANANA11,136,6404,185,66337.58
May 06NANANA4,547,3951,561,48934.34
May 03NANANA12,341,4764,316,01734.97
May 02NANANA18,456,4415,736,21631.08
May 01NANANA7,526,1633,052,12140.55
Apr 30NANANA2,550,9471,194,77446.84
Apr 29NANANA11,401,7935,131,79045.01
Apr 26NANANA929,534498,25753.60
Apr 25NANANA780,080464,82959.59
Apr 24NANANA1,208,807659,28554.54
Apr 23NANANA2,484,9831,868,02375.17
Apr 22NANANA3,421,7771,957,64457.21
Apr 18NANANA9,402,5492,672,91328.43
Apr 17NANANA22,463,4059,492,22942.26
Apr 16NANANA999,889283,78728.38
Apr 15NANANA461,82293,01920.14

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