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What if?


If the dollar remains over-bought potash exports will remain soft. Domestic demand will also remain soft as long as the Canadian Dollar offers huge currency discounts to American farmers. (POT)

On darker notes, due to climate change, mideast, African wars, lots of agriculture has been disrupted. There are currently over six million refugees flooding into Europe. Another ten million are displaced in country. The worst ever drought has millions of square miles of central Africa in a death grip. Australia is also in another sever drought but will be able to feed itself. http://summitcountyvoice.com/2016/02/17/climate-earth-is-on-a-hot-streak-but-not-the-good-kind/

All this more or less permanent degradation of growing conditions increases production pressure on regions unaffected by drought. (that's North America)
WHEN oil prices improve, oil producing nations, will be able to pay for grains populations demand.
Everything depends on oil. If oil stays below $45 to $60 trading rage much longer, I fear chaos.
The good news.. oil prices are showing good signs of improvement. Still, 30 to 50 % below production costs.

IPI can make money once oil prices and Canada's loonie get stronger.

Here's that 35% discount in real life : http://www.livecharts.co.uk/ForexCharts/usdcad.php

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