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Re: Honestly guys, they aren't .. reinstating market integrity

Tkx for posting this insightful interview with Ted Butler.
.. what struck me is the conviction  of Ted talking to Jim Puplava, someone who understands & relates well to the major issues at hand here.
Unsurprisingly -- Ted is getting a little tired communicating with the Ostriches at the CTFC.
Ted Butler:  << . I try and be logical and professional about it and point out to the regulators that wait a minute, you set this rule before. You monitor concentration. You're recording this data every week but yet your own figures show that the concentration exists on the short side and not on the long side, so why aren`t you treating the shorts the same way that you previously treated longs when they were concentrated? >>
and << .. The commercials rig the price first lower to induce that speculative long liquidation or new speculative short selling. The commercials are buying every contract that they can get their hands on and it is this dominance and control of the market that`s so patently illegal. This is price-fixing and distortion of the markets.>>
and: <<What the primary concern of the commission should be is to take out this illegal activity. It's identified as illegal. We can’t have this concentrated; you can’t have this control, this artificial control on prices, so we have to end it. We have to make that illegal activity nonexistent. When that occurs we will have a different price structure in silver. >>
Jim Puplava: << .. the COMEX is not a price discovery exchange, that there's a lot of manipulation that goes on here. You take instances like MF global and, I think, Ted, we’re losing the integrity of our markets when the government allows things like this to take place. >>
Ted Butler:  << ..[ the Commission].. Why are they not stopping this at some point, and it becomes a market integrity problem. As you say, if you don't trust a market, how it's functioning, how can there be any market integrity?  ....<..> .... They don’t even come up with a good excuse as to why this is going on and yet at the same time they are not acting on it, and that is the worst of all worlds. I mean they’re not allowing a full and transparent debate. >>
<< .. it's like we have an organization in existence, a regulatory organization. We are also supposed to have a self-regulatory organization in the CME that should be preventing this but why they are not doing their jobs, you know, I don’t care why they’re not doing it. They’re not doing it. >>
This whole behaviour is so pervasive........ there is much-much more at stake than just the silver market.....
New York, W St, the City of London etc. are becoming synonyms for crony-capitalism
and as long as Anglo-saxon markets are allowed 'self-regulated', what will prevent Western 'civilization' decending further into banana republics of financial and general lawlessness?
I'd say, the scientific publication you posted is like a smoking-gun on one of the key mechanisms used for rigging markets, outlining a reproducible event ( though at different price levels )

As Fairsay posted, below link, 
anyone interested in your post might be interested in this story as well.
Guess and hope we'll hear a lot more about this over the coming weeks, as it affects market integrity so fundamentally, with much-much wider implications than just the age-old silver manipulation.
Rgs, bbb

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