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Re: 1913....,Snow


It has become very confusing as to who and what is being referred to when the word 'WORLD' is currently used, or is it being misused as a deception?

The word 'World' originally implied the entire plant, but not any more.

Currently in finance and perceived power groups there is the WEF 'World', predominantly a US-European-Rothschilds (see note below) 'World', the BRICS 'World', and the other excluded-unaligned's "World'.

Yet the term is used freely to imply each. Confusing or what?

(Note: the reference to the Rothschilds is included in the WEF group as recent articles indicate they are the 'Guiding Hand' of the WEF, and no one disagrees with the planet's greatest gold hoarders of over 300 years (“NEVER Sell Your Gold”Ameschel Rothschilds 1700’s "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild 1700s ).

For years they controlled the daily 'London Gold Fix', quit in the late 1990s, said 'they were getting out of Gold,' but still controlled the BIS.

Then China announced setting up it's Shanghai Gold Exchange and the Rothschilds promptly went there ostensibly on 'vacation'.....but much to China's chagrin began meddling in the Exchange, and never left.

So how does one politely un-invite the planet's greatest Gold hoarders to go home?

China developed the answer.....using the Covid's communicability transmission as the excuse, they brutally 'locked-down' Shanghai.....tight!!   Pre-warned, the Rothschilds quickly beat their asses back to Europe and show up running the BIS and WEF again.

So now you know why the Rothschilds have been included as principal members of the WEF)


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