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Chile and copper and…

Don’t know if this was posted yet however recent elections in Chile does not bode well for the country and or the miners to name a few. Expropriation comes to mind as an example. Just something to watch going forward.

Chile Assets Dive After Radicals Win Election Mandate To Overhaul 'Free Market Friendly' Constitution

in what's being widely described as a shock loss after this weekend's historic election to determine who will draft the country's new constitution, traditional parties including President Sebastián Piñera’s ruling center-right coalition Chile Vamos got clobbered, seeing their parliamentary seats and influence greatly diminish in favor of both independent, hard-left and radical candidates Sunday night.
Chile Election Impact - High Between 40-46% of our planet’s copper mining production is facing new political risks.
As an example of how far away we could be from Chile's current "free market friendly" constitution, one of the big winners from the vote - the far-left Broad Front - had this to say... "We’re going to start from scratch and build a new Chile" toward a "state that guarantees universal social rights," leading member of the far-left coalition, Gabriel Boric, said.

And Goldman Sachs noted this means the country is headed for a "larger, more interventionist state and the broadening of the social safety net."

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