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 ??  or is it
The US has been running a deficit of 3-4% of GDP since Trump's tax cuts.  The CBO projects similar deficits in 2022 onwards.
People look at the discretionary spending and say that we can never cut enough to get onside.  Heck, military spending is 3.x % of GDP... so we'd have to cut ALL the military.
This clearly misses the bigger picture.
Revenue - reversing some of the Trump tax cuts can recover 1-2% of the GDP... so that will get us somewhat closer 
Military - one might expect there is some efficiencies / savings there... but ignore that.
Health Care!  That's the big nut... which should be EASY to crack.
The US outspends EVERY other wealthy nation on healthcare...  at something like 17% of GDP.  I'd note that most of these other countries have BETTER HEALTH OUTCOMES than the US.
So we don't have to do anything magical... just get to the next HIGHEST country of Switzerland at 12% and you've found 5% of GDP... we'll be in a surplus.
I know Trump said he had a healthcare plan... so push your GOP representative to work towards something that will move us closer to the pack (and hopefully with better healthcare results!).
It should be easy... lots of other countries are already doing it.
So perhaps you realize the bankruptcy isn't innevitable. 

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