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Re: Novo Resources

Kirkland Lake and Novo got crosswised somewhere. KL bought in during the hype following the Denver Gold Show infamous live video. I suspect they were hoping to take over Novo at some point. But Novo rounded up Sumitomo backing and went on their way without needing KL. And then Novo partnered with others in KL’s Fosterville backyard. KL announcing they are dumping shares at a 50% loss on the historically lightest trading time of the year is vindictive, but I don’t think business savy. By the end of 1Q21 Novo will be a producer with 100,000+ oz Au per annum target from Beaton’s Creek. At that point they will be a producer/explorer with a tremendous acreage base using house money.  This is one of those opportunities that come around very rarely. Tremendous upside with a catalyst less than 6 months away. I nearly doubled my holdings today. Had to sell some of my DeGrey to do it. I thank KL for the opportunity and prefer this one time dump to KL’s constant selling over the last few weeks. I didn’t realize Fundy liked Novo, I guess there’s a little tarnish on evey opportunity. 

Also, Novo’s newly listed TSX warrants traded today up big time on higher than average volume. NOV.wt closed up 25%, but most of the volume occurred at up 50%. This tells me that the smart money is seeing this recent hammering of the stock as a short term blip. Again, suggesting a marvelous opportunity. 

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