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 The case for owning precious metals is easy to make, especially silver. According to financial writer John Rubino, it now takes 100 ounces of silver to equal the value of 1 ounce of gold. That’s a near record of 100 to 1 silver/gold ratio. Rubino contends, “The silver/gold ratio says silver is clearly a buy based on historical trends and the relationship between gold and silver. . . . You would expect silver going forward to outperform gold, and you would expect gold to go up as well. . . . This is now a bull market, and they will both go up, but silver will outperform gold. . . . There is just so much more debt in the world, and there is so much more of a need for safe haven assets that you would expect silver to blow right through its previous high levels. This time around, it could be totally spectacular with what happens with silver. There is going to come a time when everyone will want to talk about silver, but that day is not yet.
 Speaking of ratio's, gold to russell is getting cheap in my opinion...
and...SGT interview with Bix about the DTCC and one from 6 years ago if you have time, lol.

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