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Re: Capital gains on PM bullion ...........Bud

 Thanks, very informative, but a few cautions.
The law can and will be changed over time,  and it can be mandated to be retroactive.
With the state of today's technology, ALL prior 'paper records' can be searched, including the ones the article indicates are non-reportable....wire transfers, cheques, credit cards etc, as well as the 'reportable' ones.
Every sale delivered by mail/courier has a destination address.
ALL leave a big wide 'paper trail'!
So why should the 'government' be monitoring these transactions when there is the infamous 'paper trail' that can and will be easily searched?
NO paper trail is cash (FRNs) transactions under $10,000, or lessor amounts in specific items like currency coins, etc, no names---just in-and-out, but watch out for the video (CCTV) monitoring outside and inside the seller's site. (not to mention facial recognition)
If politicians need funds, they know where it is and how to get it.
The IRS is the 'scapegoat'......blame them, not the law making politicians.
Is it starting to feel like they have a PM buyer/seller in a corner? 

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