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Re: More comparisons

Impressive list, I actually have a few of those.

Here is one I have liked for some time, Penoles, the world's largest silver producer, also gold production and other base metals, etc.
Very well managed, a strong dividend policy, aggressive capex/drilling program at many mine sites in Mx and other Latin/South American sites they are invested in.

It traded at 270 pesos on 8/24/10, today is trading at 325, a gain of 20%.
It has spun off 16 pesos in dividends, in May and June 2010, another 6% gain.
The peso has appreciated against the greenback, going from 13/1 to 12.40/1 or pesos up 4.6% against the greenback since 8/24/10.

Total gains, including recent dividends come to about 30%.

So, with $20K US invested, an approx. return of US$6000.00

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